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Founded by V.B.Mackey & Family

Jaguar Security & Protection is a private-owned security force located in Texas and Missouri. The founders of JSP have over years of Military/SERE training, Urban Survival, Investigation, Executive Protection, Emergency Response Team (ERT), FEMA Management, and Medicinal Herbalism. Our #1 service is tailored to exceed our client's expectation in a timely, efficient and professional manner. One of the most unique components of JSP is our Elite K-9. With extensive training in bite development, perimeter defense and target immobilization, these dogs are as physically fit as they are intelligent. With over 20 years in canine training and success, it is their intelligence and sophisticated training curriculum which sets them apart from other canines.


Todays most dangerous threats are unpredictable and difficult to counter using standard corporate security measures. At Jaguar Security & Protection, LLC we're a step above traditional security and investigation. We are an intelligence company that uses innovative strategies and unconventional techniques tailoring to our clients unique security needs, individual requirements and business goals.



Jaguar Security & Protection Specialist are high- qualified security operatives from the ranks of law enforcement, military and specialized organizations. Individuals of the highest caliber, these operatives meet the demanding selective qualification's and pass rigorous training and certifications standards. 


  TRAINING 101                   SERVICES


    * Active Shooter                                     - Unarmed Security

    * Behavior Pattern Response                    - Armed Security

    * Counter Surveillance                             - Uniformed & Plain clothes

    * Crisis Management                               - Loss Prevention Agents

    * Customer Service                                 - Concierge Security officer

    * De-Escalation                                      - Foot and Mobile Patrol

    * Emergency Medicine/ BLS                     - Gate access control

    * Evacuation Protocols                            - Marked/Unmarked Patrol Vehicles

    * National Incident Management              - Security Monitoring

    * Tactical Rescue                                    - Security Devices Services

    * Physical/Mental aptitude 

    * Self-defense/Weapons

We alleviate potential risk and make recommendations to improve our clients safety. We access policy and procedure and create a holistic strategy that incorporates threat assessment, environmental design, and asset inventory to reduce the likelihood of incidents. In this role, our duties and responsibilities revolve around physical security measures. We also provide training and information to help individuals and businesses interact with their environment in a way that protects and promotes security, awareness and preparedness.


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