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                                                            SERVICES OFFERED

These include:




                              Additional Services

We offer complete security solutions.  Our use of the highest quality cutting edge equipment and training techniques ensure top notch protection for your company or event.

Here some of the additional services we offer.  All services are provided by uniformed or non-uniformed officers with 24hr communication capabilities provided by 2-way radio.

  • Electronic Monitoring- closed circuit, off-site security monitoring.

  • Dignitary Escorts - Armed and unarmed personal protection.

  • Executive Protection - In the professional and personal aspects of the executive's life.

  • Labor Disputes - Work stoppages, employee violence, contract negotiations.

  • Physical Survey/Analysis - Survey recommendations by technical experts.

  • Product Redistribution - Reduce shrinkage and inventory loss.

  • Research and Development - Protection of people and assets.

  • Risk Analysis - We will analyze and advise you of your exposure.

  • Security Consulting - Consulting services offered in a variety of specialized areas.

  • Stadium Security - Crowd control, alcoholic beverage control, and liability reduction.

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