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Security Guard Patrol 


 Whether you need to secure an office building, a mall, or a warehouse, you can depend on our mobile patrol units. Our professional armed and unarmed security guards for your home and business. JSP drive-through security patrol are highly visible and designed to deter property loss and discover vandalism during all hours. 

[ General Surveillance / Domestic Investigations / Mark/Unmarked Patrol ]


Hostile Termination
For most employees, being separated carries with its feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. With a high-risk termination, the feelings may be hostility towards the individual(s) handling the separation or resentment towards the company itself. Being prepared for a high-risk termination is not only essential for the safety of those involved but necessary to protect the overall business operation. We are experienced in hostile employee termination assistance and can provide you with professional and discreet surveillance. 


[ Hidden Camera Surveillance / Landlord & Tenant / Employment Activity / Background Checks ]


Special Event Security


Missouri loves events. At any sporting event, concert, festival, or other event where a large crowd is anticipated, people expect to have fun while staying safe. To make sure any type of event is successful, no matter the size, choose appropriate security. Event security management begins by controlling access, crowd flow and parking. Access control enables you to conduct bag searches, preventing theft or smuggling inappropriate items into the venue. Since there are almost always rules in place for what people can or cannot bring with them, security guards play a pivotal role in keeping everyone safe.

[ Insurance Fraud Investigation / Due Dilligence / Mobile & Digital Forensics ]


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