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We use the Jaguar Security & Protection Basic Security Officer Training 7 Part Course for training and each new Jaguar Security & Protection employee completes this basic training program. The training staff utilizes lecture, films, video, class discussions and role-playing techniques with a written examination following each session. The topics covered are:


•     Human and Public Relations, Officer Fundamentals

•     Crime Scene Procedures, Handling Emergencies

•     Report Writing, Using Communication Tools

•     Fire, Bomb Threats, Emergency Traffic Control

•     Fire and Safety Equipment

•     Laws Related to Arrest, Search, and Seizure for private security officers

•     Use of Force & Liability for Acts both Civil and Criminal

•    Topics unique to the client or contract

8 hrs. Training (or as agreed upon by Jaguar Security & Protection and client):  

  • Facility Rules & Regulations

  • Company Reports & Forms

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Door and Gate Procedures

  • Security Rounds (if applicable)

  • Admittance & Exit Procedures

  • Site Familiarity

  • Key Control

  • Safety Hazards

  • Parking Lot Procedures


      Refresher Training – 8 Hours

  • Changes in Rules and Regulations

  • Upcoming Events or Security Concerns

  • Demeanor and Tact of the Security Force

  • Goals and Objectives of Security

  • Current Trouble Areas



Supervisor Series Training – 8 Hours

Jaguar Security & Protection has a Supervisor Training Manual that provides each of our Supervisors the tools they need to successfully manage their sections

  • Behavior and Motivation

  • Professional Standards

  • Methods of Overcoming Barriers

  • Code of Ethics

  • Effective Planning

  • Security's Role in Reducing Business Risk

  • Discrimination & Affirmative Action

  • Handling Multiple Priorities

  • Performance Evaluations

  • Customer Service as a Security Function

  • Crisis Preparedness and Management

  • Leadership Principles


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